ASN System

Network System in Karachi

Network System in Karachi

Why Do You Need Network Systems in Karachi:

Many companies experience problems with slow wireless networks, high levels of interference, and black spots in their office where they are unable to get any wireless signals. ASN Systems has developed a guide for small businesses with tips on how to get a better and faster wireless Network System in Karachi, as a stable and fast Wi-Fi, with reach across the entire office, can help increase productivity.


The last decade of internetworking and cellular revolution renovated our planet as a ‘Global Village’. The Network System in Karachi, being the backbone of the Internet web and Cellular infrastructure played a very vital role within these phenomena. ASN SYSTEMS realizing this revolution strategically placed itself to remain prepared to play its role within the internal Internetworking. We specialize in providing ‘Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)’ infrastructure to a level of creation of complex Local Area Networks (LAN), Enterprise solutions & diversified Wide Area Network (WAN). Our selection of mediums like Copper, Fiber Optics, Microwave & Satellite & designs of complex Network System in Karachi with the mix & match of various technologies had been witnessed for their success & satisfied performance.


The award-winning technology products and expertise provide our clients with the most powerful and intelligent technology solutions to support convergent voice, video, and data through a solid end-to-end foundation. We make the deployment of essential information-sharing Network System in Karachi, a seamless and secure reality so that you never miss a step in the designing and implementation of e-business applications.


Net IP is the Networking division of ASN SYSTEMS which has enriched resources and expertise to design, integrate, operate & maintain all sorts of LAN / WAN solutions with the provision of ICT & Enterprise infrastructure. With a satisfied client base in different segments of the Karachi market, we aim to enter nearby regions with similar cutting-edge networking capabilities.

Net IP combines depth and breadth of expertise with extensive experience and a full-service portfolio to support customer needs in ICT, empowering the enterprise to realize customer vision while developing a dependable Network System in Karachi.


  • Simultaneously and Equally specialized in LAN and WAN
  • ASN Systems have an excellent Working Capital.
  • Distributor of all the products we sell.
  • Being a Distributor, We offer competitive prices.
  • Offer hand-to-hand replacement warranties.
  • In-house technical staff, No outsourcing at all.
  • Vast Profile of Projects.
  • None of our products have any sort of Duplication, your investment is secure.


Is your company’s network infrastructure optimally configured to take advantage of today’s advanced routing and switching technology to meet the increasing demands for bandwidth? ASN Systems can improve network performance while reducing operational costs. ASN Systems uses advanced routing and switching capabilities, along with network optimizing appliances, to effectively connect Network Systems in Karachi and data.


Network security solutions are essential to conducting business success — and it's foremost in the minds of your customers.


Smart Wi-Fi is actually a collection of technologies, all designed to extend the range and reliability of wireless signals.


ASN Systems builds reliable Network Systems in Karachi and business communications solutions that help people get work done. Frankly, it’s the only way we know how to do it.

Structured Cabling

  • Site Survey
  • Cable Routing Maps
  • Deployed by Certified Engineers
  • Managing Data and Server Racks
  • Site Certification
  • Project Documentation

Optical Fiber Cable (OFC)

  • Fiber Cable Design and Deployment
  • Civil Work Design and Deployment
  • Testing and Certification
  • Splicing and Termination
  • Security Surveillance
  • Site Survey
  • Proposing Camera as per requirement

Wide Area Network (WAN)

  • Conducting site Surveys
  • Providing Stats Using GPS tool
  • Manufacturing and Erecting of Towers
  • Proposing Bridges according to distance and cost
  • Establishing PtP and PtMP, WAN links
  • Signing SLA’s (Service Level Agreement)

Wireless LAN (WLAN)

  • Propose Specialized Access Points and Router according to the scenario
  • Creating Heat Map
  • Conducted Proof of Concept


Lots of companies can provide a solution; it’s something very simple that makes ASN Systems successful. We talk to people. We talk to customers to understand their needs. We assess their requirements with our team of system designers and technical personnel and provide them the best Network Systems in Karachi.


ASN Systems listens too. Which is why so many leading enterprises use us to help them. They know that we can make the difficult task of implementing data transport solutions much easier.


Whether an organization is developing a new Network Systems in Karachi or upgrading a legacy system we’re committed to maximizing its capabilities today and for years to come. Managing projects from concept to completion and beyond gives us added insight into how our clients work, way beyond the remit of conventional service providers.