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IP Phone System

Does Your IP Phone Systems Do Anything For Your Small Business, Aside From Handling Voice Calls And Voicemail?

You may not have asked yourself this question, even if you’re looking to replace your phones. Costs and reliability are probably first and foremost in your mind. IP Phone System offer beyond your imagination.

However, it’s important to look into what modern Internet Protocol (IP) phone systems offer beyond voice calling. These systems also enable helpful unified communications (UC) features, such as video conferencing from mobile devices, Web conferencing, and voicemail transcription. ASN systems (Active Security and Network Systems) provide the most reliable IP phone systems.


To help you understand the value of IP Phone System for small business, we surveyed workers who use the UC features of their employers’ phone systems every day.

UC Features of IP Phone Systems Help Boost Productivity

Many companies look at cost savings to justify purchasing IP Phone Systems for small businesses (also known as an IP PBX system). However, as we explained in a previous post on the subject, cost savings depend on a number of factors. Looking at potential productivity gains is often a better way for businesses to justify an upgrade.

Beginning Your Selection Process

Before you can start considering IP Phone System, you need to figure out what it's going to be used for, and how much of your business will be involved. You need to look at your existing phone system and decide whether you're going to simply keep all of it and bolt some IP functionality on top, retain only part of it, or replace the whole thing. Frequently, a total replacement isn't in the cards if only because some parts of your existing phone system can't be easily changed over to softphones or even desktop VoIP phones. For example, if you have a heavy manufacturing environment with outdoor activities, such as a steel fabrication yard or even a landscaping company, your old outdoor phones may be exactly what you need. You also need to decide what features of the existing phone system are required, and what features of a future phone system you feel are necessary to carry into the future.

Why do small businesses need an IP phone systems?

Business IP Phone System offers high-definition voice calling, video and audio conferencing, team messaging, unlimited extensions, cloud PBX with auto-attendant, and other features and functionality your organization needs, all in a single platform. It integrates with your mission-critical productivity business apps to further empower your business to keep up with large enterprises.

Cost Saver:

With the ability to place calls over the internet comes huge cost savings. It uses your existing internet connection instead of the regular telephone lines so you don't have to pay for fees imposed by the phone company. This makes long-distance and international calls much cheaper since you're not utilizing thousands of miles worth of copper wire as with traditional telephony.


Complete mobility

Use your business number to text, call, and fax from any mobile device. For incoming calls, the call-routing process you've set up for your office comes into play.

High-level security and reliability

ASN systems (Active Security and Network Systems) eases any worries you may have about security with its highly encrypted networks and different levels of authentication. ASN systems (Active Security and Network Systems) make sure communication remains secure over the entire transmission journey.


But what makes these IP Phone System better than the tried and tested on-premise systems?

What exactly made company owners abandon their traditional telephony solutions in favor of this new way of managing internal and external communications?

Here are some reasons, to name a few:

  • Affordability IP phone systems became attractive to small businesses because of the promise of low costs. It takes advantage of the internet to significantly reduce call costs. Long-distance rates, in particular, are lower compared to traditional long-distance phone calls. In addition to this, its PBX component is also hosted over the internet, thus effectively reducing expensive hardware requirements like bulky servers or physical PBX boxes.
  • Mobility – A small business IP phone systems like RingCentral allows users to communicate even outside of the office. Users can enjoy calling features like advanced call forwarding to route calls to several numbers simultaneously, use virtual extensions from any PC by downloading the free softphone, and take calls anywhere through downloading free calling apps for mobile phones and devices.

ASN systems (Active Security and Network Systems) is providing the best services in terms of security and phone services, try them out for yourselves.