ASN System

Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrant System

A Fire Hydrant system is a network of valves strategically positioned throughout a building that receives water under sufficient pressure and flow to be used in fighting fires.

A network of valves that are strategically placed throughout a structure and connected to a water supply with suitable pressure and flow is known as a fire hydrant system.

At ASN system, we comply with all the standard requirements that are an assurance of the quality of Fire Hydrant Systems.

The fire hydrant system consists of the following components:

  1. Fire Water Monitor
  2. Fire Cabinet
  3. Fire Pumps
  4. Valve System
  5. Fire Hose & Hose Reel Series

A Fire Hydrant system is made to achieve particular performance goals. For these performance goals, a hydraulic analysis is necessary to show.

As the pressure and flow requirements vary depending on the building classification and floor area, there is sufficient water pressure and flow at the most hydraulically inconvenient hydrant positions.

A Fire Hydrant system normally contains pressurized water that is prepared for use in an emergency. The system's water pressure decreases when a hydrant valve is opened. An electromechanical device that detects a decline in water pressure activates the booster pump or pumps, which pull water from the water supply to raise the system's water pressure. After flowing via a lay flat fire hose to a nozzle, water from the hydrant is then directed toward the fire's source.

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